LMT, EFT Certified -1, ACMOS Certified Bio-Energetician
KST Practitioner
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Steve Botuchis has been helping his clients decrease cronic pain for years.  Here is just a sampling of what some of his clients have to say...


Very good and relaxing message. I didn't feel tired afterwards and had energy, massage was great.

Went to Steve for years. Moved to New York and still schedule trips home so he can work on me. Have traveled and had massage around the world and Steve's skills are second to none.
   ~K. Geiger 

Strong hands and able to get deep into the muscles. Clean room. Highly recommended.

Very professional, awesome massage. Left feeling great. Highly recommend!!



"I noticed immediate improvement after one EFT session to work on my mental approach to golf. After a follow up session I shot the best round of my life the next day in a tournament."
  ~Ken Larbes Cinti. OH


"I got migraines regularly every ten days to two weeks. My headache was gone after one Acmos treatment. It came back three months later I got another treatment and it hasn't been back since."
Kathy Johnson Cinti . Oh


"Some day the medical profession will wake up and realize that unresolved emotional issues are the main cause of 85% of all illnesses. When they do EFT will be one of their primary healing it is for me. "
Eric Robins, MD

"Thank you for the enormously productive EFT session you did with me on Wednesday. I have had such peace the last several days; peace that I have not felt in a long time. Suddenly I can think & talk easily about those times when I felt like an intrusion as a child. I have not felt so happy & liberated in years. I look forward to seeing you on Monday."
Emily B. Cincinnati, OH

"I averaged three nosebleeds a week for the past year. They would sometimes come at the most awkward times like when I was driving. When I was talking with Steve my nose started to bleed and we tried EFT tapped on it for several minutes. The bleeding stopped after a couple of rounds of tapping and over the next three months I only had one more nosebleed."
Todd R. Cincinnati, OH


"I have a real phobia about driving in heavy traffic areas especially on ramps that are elevated. I tried the tapping and drove on an expressway, with ease and comfort, that normally I would have avoided like the plague. That convinced me."
Pat Pietri


"Steve, FYI- Jacks improvements: Wakes up happy, smiling with eye to eye contact & is not hyper Is not as loud trying to talk .Does not run on tiptoes since visit – walks & runs normally.  Has more long term attention span & actually plays interactively.  Does not routinely cringe & exhibit fear with unknown adults (e.g. went to dermatologist & let Doctor look & touch face in detail with no problems).….the improvements are profound."
David W. Akron, OH
MFR, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports, Trigger Point, Myoskeletal Alignment, Myofascial Release
Emotional Freedom Techniques
Koren Specific Techniques
Energy Balancing
"Acupuncture without needles"

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