LMT, EFT Certified -1, ACMOS Certified Bio-Energetician
KST Practitioner
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Steve Botuchis is one of only a dozen ACMOS practitioners in the United States. Steve trained in Europe with Rene Naccachian the founder of ACMOS. Steve Botuchis currently practices ACMOS in his office located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

You can schedule an appointment with Steve by calling (513) 324-3211 or by sending him an email at

    ACMOS is an energy balancing protocol that works at the deepest cellular level using the ancient principles of Chinese Medicine.

    It is designed to balance the body on a priority level working on the underlying cause of a problem. Unlike Western Medicine that treats symptoms, the ACMOS technique addresses the cause which is often in the energetic system. This is where most physical problems start. Treating the energy body often prevents physical symptoms from manifesting. Treating the energy system also speeds up the physical healing process in many instances. Although ACMOS treats the meridian system and is based on the ancient art of Acupuncture, needles are not used. Acupuncture points are stimulated with frequencies from a wide range of products such as oils, minerals, herbs, and homeopathy as well as electronic stimulation. The body is tuned up much like a musical instrument.

    ACMOS was developed by DR. Rene Naccachian. He is an engineer by profession and a researcher of energetic medicine by vocation. With a doctorate in Engineering, Oriental Medicine and Molecular Biology he has used this knowledge to marry the best of Oriental Medicine with the best of Western technology and science. The medicine of the third millennium is here.

MFR, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports, Trigger Point, Myoskeletal Alignment, Myofascial Release
Emotional Freedom Techniques
Koren Specific Techniques
Energy Balancing
"Acupuncture without needles"

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